The best Android games of 2022... so far
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The best Android games of 2022… so far

The world of mobile video games continues to grow year after year. Manufacturers like Black Shark have introduced new gaming mobiles and the Google Play catalog continues to grow with increasingly complete deliveries, both graphically and in terms of possibilities in general: we have games of all kinds for all audiences.

So we are going to collect the 28 best games so far this year, those proposals that have been recently launched and that have managed to make a lot of noise despite 2022 not being very advanced yet.

We bring you a collection of the best Android games according to the editors of and other technological means of Webedia, both free and paid. In this article we have not sought so much to offer you the best of the best, but rather the games that each of us consider to be the best according to our particular tastes.

We have tried to prioritize variety and that each one propose different games, although there are some times when it has not been possible due to the numerous coincidences. The result has been a list as varied as our own personal tastes, so you’ll find suggestions for everyone. Remember not to overload the mobile too much, because then Android can be slow.

But in the end, it is still a list of the best according to our tastes, and there may be games for you that should also be. For this reason, as we always tell you at, we invite you to leave us your proposals in the comments so that the rest of the readers also benefit from your tastes and your essential games.