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What is Marketing?

Definition of marketing

Marketing is the term used to refer to the set of techniques or strategies used to study the behavior of the markets, the commercial management of companies and the needs of consumers. This term, although we can find it already included in the latest editions of the Dictionary of the Spanish language, is shown in italics when considering an Anglicism or foreign term, whose translation or equivalent is the word marketing, although it is also frequently used as such, the term marketing.

The term Marketing is often confused with other types of actions related to advertising. However, marketing can be considered as the set of actions or strategic aspects that can develop a planned way and cover a multitude of applications beyond simple advertising. From a business point of view, this set of strategies is called a Marketing Plan. That is why we are faced with a really broad concept that can branch out depending on its application and strategic objective, since marketing can both be used to create a sales strategy, even to plan the different impact actions of a brand or company.

What are the 4p’s of marketing?

Also known as Marketing mix or Marketing Mix and these are the variables that will dictate and influence the way in which your strategies should be mounted and also how they will act in the way the market responds to your investments.

Now you know the characteristics of the four Ps:

  • Price,
  • square,
  • product
  • and promotion.


Well explanatory point. Regarding heat and how the product will be charged to the customer. In addition to the definition of the value, other points such as how it will be charged and other strategies around the method of payment are addressed.

Delve into the concept of Price in Marketing at the link!


It refers to the place where your product will be marketed and the distribution channels of a product to the final consumer.

This point can be a bit confusing when we analyze the context of an e-commerce, since it is located on the internet and can be delivered anywhere in the world (depending on the logistics of each business).

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This point is important because it makes it clear what are the characteristics of the product or service that your company is making available in the market, in addition to the processes of its supply chain. It also helps to define and change it.


Simple, this last point refers to the strategies that will be used for the dissemination of the product or service. It's where advertising and communications come in. In the next link you can continue learning about the concept of promotion in marketing.